Complete Information Of BIP Tester

February 01,2021

About Bip tester you may have confusion of them, such as the bip measurements, bip test box consumption and operation guide and so on.

A nice bip tester for sale in WUNFA, so let's take this opportunity to introduce bip tester.


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BIP TESTER is a determining tool made for customers that currently have an unit injector examination bench, however their lack trustworthy BIP measurement. The device allows the adhering to measurements:
  • BIP attend range of 800-- 1200 μs
  • Coil resistance (milliohm gauge range 0,001-- 4Ω).
  • Insulation resistance exam with high current.
  • Extra capacity dimension (array 0,4-- 40 μF).


BIP Taster


BIP tester is done without technical driving of system injector. There is actually simply need to supply EN 50290-2-27 pressurized energy source. It is consequently possible to assess BIP market value without taking unit injector away from the engine for an effortless and easy diagnosis.


Sizes may be done utilizing tool own computer keyboard as well as display or even by hooking up to a PC. Pc software application offers added BIP visualization for a checked set of unit injectors together with cues just how to improve BIP market values. Also, the software application validates results as well as maximizes BIP worths for the entire set of device injectors. The software application includes a data bank that may be supplemented or even revised and also generates imprinted files.


BIP test box consumption

  1. Put in the oil debt collector.
  2. Connect the ground wire of the BIP tester to the ground cord of the lot of the system under examination.
  3. Attach the BIP sensor plug, link the BIP tester power supply.
  4. Adjust the suitable parameters of the injector, start to spray.
  5. After waiting for the stress to maintain, may see the BIP market value on the BIP tester display.


Operation directions


BIP tetser geared up with matching installations, can easily check the response opportunity of numerous popular rail injectors, HEUI injectors, EUI/EUP injectors, higher test accuracy and also great repeatability.


  1. Mount the tested injector to the special oil collection agency.
  2. Connect BIP sensor plug.
  3. Hook up Unidirectional shutoff, satisfy take notice of the direction.
  4. Link the injector travel sign harness.
  5. Hook up the BIP tester ground wire to the ground cable of the exam bench management hold. Not hooked up to the exam bench property ( The ground cord of the tester may also be gotten in touch with the negative pole of the shifting power source offered by the primary management system of the test seat).
  6. Connect in the power of the BIP tester.
  7. Begin the examination bench. When the pressure is secure, the action opportunity will be presented on the BIP tester display screen.
  8. The reduced right corner of the BIP tester features the regularity of the fuel injector evaluated, and the reaction opportunity is displayed in the higher ideal section.
  9. To make certain that the action opportunity examination is even more exact, the pulse size of the injector is actually readied to be greater than 500us, the usual rail stress is above 80Mpa, as well as the regularity is less than 40Hz.

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